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Forget about spam, advertising mailings, hacking and attacking robots. Keep your real mailbox clean and secure. Temp Mail provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free, disposable email address.

Frequently Asked Questions on Temp mail

What is a temp email?

You may receive messages using temporary email without worrying about retaining them in your inbox. Your private mail account can be protected by it against spam, hackers, and promotional emails. It may be used quickly and simply. Trash mail, disposable email addresses, temporary mail, dummy mail, 10-minute mail, throwaway email, and fake mail are other names for temporary mail.


How does temporary email work?

A temporary email address is exactly a method in which a user with a unique fake email address gets a disposable email address. You can give this mail anywhere to receive emails to avoid spam and phishing activities. The Temporary email address is completely safe and private.


How to delete a temporary mail?

After the time limit has passed, all the emails that were saved temporarily on our service are permanently destroyed. You may always use the relevant option, "Delete," to get rid of your temporary email address. The goal of our professionals is to keep your information secure.


Can I check my temporary emails?

Yes, they are shown there under your mailbox's name. The letter's sender, topic, and text are all visible at once. Press the "Refresh" button if the list does not show the emails you expect to receive.


How to use a disposable email?

When you visit our temp mail website, you will get a temporary email address, copy it, and paste it. Once produced, this address will remain in your browser's local storage until you delete it or create a new one. You may now use this temporary email address in place of your main email address on any external websites and services. Your Inbox is accessible on any device and from any location. It would be better to use a current browser with support for JavaScript, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc.


Why do people use temporary email addresses?

People use temporary mail addresses when they don’t want to tell their private email addresses to anyone. Our website ensures the safety and privacy of your information and emails received at your temp email address.


Why do you need a disposable email address?

When you want to receive emails and other verifications but don't want your genuine email address to be linked to it, you must use a temporary email account. For instance, you could be attempting to purchase or sell something online but are unable to do so because you must have the money right quickly and cannot afford to wait for your bank to confirm your account. Disposable mail addresses are therefore quite common among business owners who conduct online sales of their goods and services.


Is it safe to use a temporary email?

It is entirely secure and anonymous to use your temporary email address. Your whole information, including your name, contact information for persons you connect with, IP address, and email address, is secure and kept fully private.


Can I recover a temp mail?

We will help to properly manage the services on offer, to resolve the issues you may face while receiving emails. Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve deleted emails or temporary email domains from our service.


How long does a temporary email last?

With a few exceptions, the temporary email account functions similarly to any other actual email address. It is also temporary, lasting generally from a few seconds to a few days. It is just used to receive emails.


Where you can use temporary mail?

Programmers can use temporary mail to verify if their emails have been received. Any unreliable location where you fear for the security of your data. To stop advertising emails or any kind of spam and unauthorized emails. This is a fantastic approach to safeguarding your actual email address.


When does my temp email expire?

There is no specific time, however, it often lasts most of the day. It should persist for at least an hour, however, you could lose access to it more quickly if you quit your browser or remove your cookies.


Can I check the received emails?

Yes, they are shown below the temp email address.  The sender, subject, date, and email text are all displayed at once. Press the "refresh" button if the list does not show the emails you expect to receive.


What is the difference between a temporary mail from a normal email?

Temp mail is fully safe and anonymous; it does not require any type of online registration. Your entire personal information, including your IP address and location, is deleted after the mailbox usage time has ended; Email addresses are automatically created. You don't need to choose a free hostname by hand. The disposable mailbox is totally secure against spam, malware, and hackers.


Is temp email anonymous?

It is entirely private and anonymous. Once your mailbox usage time is ended, all of your data and emails. Email addresses are automatically created and completely safe from any kind of tracking. Our website doesn't need any kind of personal details to generate disposable mail.


Can temporary mail be tracked?

All the information and emails are not saved on your temp mailbox, it is completely impossible to identify the owner of an anonymous email account. Until you decide to delete it, your temporary email will remain in existence.

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Disposable temporary email protects your real email address from spam, advertising mailings, malwares.